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Customer case study writing service for Coaches and Course Creators.

Are you a transformational business?

Then you already know how important it is to connect with your customers authentically. You probably also have an intuitive understanding that sharing transformational stories connects humans in a significant way.

Yet, you might also be wondering if you’re fully making the most of the success you’ve helped your clients achieve. You believe in your purpose and your ability to help those that need exactly what you do, but how do you convince and convert the Right sort of client? The secret of case studies is that you can target your ideal customer by sharing stories of success from your existing ones.

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Hey, I’m Amanda,

My weirdly specific superpower is creating impactful, editorial-style case study stories that dive deep into the transformation of your customer. From helping you choose the perfect case study subjects; to the interview and the creation of the story, right through to helping you understand how to best leverage it through your marketing. I work with you as a trusted partner, supporting your business goals.

I love working with purpose-driven brands that insist on ethical and authentic marketing; who really care about making a difference in their customers’ lives. Because let’s be honest, after the year we’ve had, no one has the patience for fake, sleazy sales BS anymore. If all that aligns with your business’s values, then we might be just the right fit.

When I’m not having deep and meaningful conversations with your customer on Zoom, you’ll find me enjoying life on our off-grid homestead in country Australia where I live with my husband and a menagerie of animals.

Amanda was awesome to work with. I’m not usually comfortable with people I don’t know, but my interview felt like meeting a friend for coffee and a chat. She was easy to talk to and knew all the right questions to ask to provide her with the most helpful information. Hiring Amanda will put your case study subjects at ease and helpful feedback at your fingertips.



How I Can Help

Killer Quotes

These delicious quotables sprinkled throughout your marketing will ramp up the credibility of your copy.

Killer Quotes is your customer’s entire interview broken down into short, punchy pull-quotes, long-form storytelling testimonials, and insightful market research snippets. All in their own words, ready for you to use.


Available individually or in bundles

from $850USD

Case Study Story

A Case Study Story is a deep dive editorial style case study that balances measurable results with meaningful personal transformation. They are proof that you can deliver on your promise.

Your potential customers are looking for evidence that you can serve their needs. Presenting an example of someone – just like them – who has found success with your service or product is a compelling way to build trust.

Available individually or in bundles

from $1200USD

Combos & Bundles

A Case Study Story + Killer Quotes Combo is the best way to maximise all the market research goodness from a single customer interview. One interview broken down and presented as two different types of marketing collateral.

Bundles are multiple Killer Quotes, Case Study Stories, or Combos in the same project. A bundle presents a variety of customer avatars and experiences of the one product or service. These are offered in bundles of 3, with the option to add more participants within the project.

from $1800USD

Client Love

Hiring Amanda has been an epic experience! She took the entire process off my hands and took care of it with such incredible expertise. All I had to do was answer a few simple questions and put her in touch with one of my members.

I got on with running my business whilst, in the background, Amanda interviewed my member and compiled a case study that was everything I hoped it would be. She weaved everything together to create such an engaging, helpful and high-converting piece of copy. I’m delighted with it!

Now it’s time to get it working for me in lots of different ways and Amanda has loads of great help on this too. I’m looking forward to putting the case study to use on my website, in my email campaigns and across my social media platforms

Julie Christie

togs in business membership

I felt like Amanda was able to listen to who I was, my goals, and how I wanted to show up for my clients and was able to deliver beyond my expectations. I want to keep her in my pocket to utilize whenever I get stuck.

Molly Hebda

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